Its been a while dear reader. I was distracted momentarily by organizing a little arts fest in some empty shops and have been submerged in work both paid and for my action research project. For anyone who has been following my tweets you may know that this has not been the best experience i have ever had. I plan to blog more about my experience as an adult learner another day when I have had time to reflect. I think it is to do with grades. In fact i know it is. Grades, I am coming to realise are the single most damaging thing for real learning. They make you behave far too well. My grades have fallen steadily since I started my MSc 2 years ago and I am now wondering if I will even pass. I got a first for my first degree, and now I am scraping C’s. I have been doubting my learning and doubting the thing that I find most mesmerizing about my professional life, that is the practical use of what I call ‘metaphor techniques’. I’ll tell you more about them one day too. But for now I wanted to share something with you. It is some feedback from a participant in one of my metaphor sessions. it makes it all worth it.

“Having you, as a fresh mirror or prism through which to project and refract the spectrum of our thoughts and practices, enabled us to consider, more dispassionately, the future changes as possibilities and challenges, rather than obstacles and disempowerments. Your methodology suited us, it presented our group with an intriguing an engaging set of challenges, which fitted with our approach as educators – we could see where you were going with us and felt happy to be guided. Without any of us individually having any evidence of your particular skills, you demonstrated your ‘metaphor’ methodology practically, so that anyone with a scrap of visual intelligence could participate and you could gently help us to disentangle our thoughts about the past and the future, which is what you did. I am hopeful you will be able to return for a third session, to help us to build on the open and optimistic results we ended with at the last session, in order to create some concrete intentions to enable us to structure plans for the future.”

That, my dear reader, is worth more than my entire MSc rolled up. If that is what you get when you flunk college, then give me the dunce hat and i shall wear it with pride.