Craft is a quiet word. It does not scream revolution.

But craft is the deliberate scuffing of shoes, a badge on a school bag, the shortening of trousers and the loosening of waistbands. It is sellotape, sugru and thread. It is an adaptation of the world to fit our needs. It makes the anonymous personal and the bland beautiful. It is the human hand on the mass produced. It brings utility and beauty to the old and unloved. It starts conversations. It is an expression. It saves money and makes money and makes money irrelevant for a short while at least. It is what we were made to do. It is problem solving, tinkering, art. It gives us power over our objects. It makes us engage in the process not the product.

Craft is not the preserve of middle class mums and old people (although they do it well). It is a small persistent counter current to consumerism. It makes us creators. It gives us power. It makes us human.

Craft may be the punkest thing you’ll ever do.