From time to time I come across friends and allies putting on events that I feel would benefit from a web presence. Being of the old school they tend to ignore me. So this time I am trying to prove them wrong by posting their fabulous events from my blog and introducing the world of cyberspace to the tradition of story telling.

Storytelling in Bedford
Bringing performance storytellers to an adult audience

Simon Heywood

From Sheffield, twenty years a professional, the hairyscholarstorytellerfasttalkingguitarstrummer.

Like all the best storytellers, he’s one of a kind.

This time he’s in the green, unpleasant land of…

Darkest England

Friday 4th March, 8pm

5 Lansdowne Rd

Book your ticket now £7
Phone Mark 01234 217575 or Jane 01462 711815

An evening of lesser-known stories from the dark side of the tradition. Advisory: may contain extreme peril and violence, black dogs, dead moons, flying children, rose trees, Charles Dickens’ least favourite bedtime story and a man from the Cambridgeshire drug squad.