I can hardly contain my excitement at the participatory arty crafty locally sourced making extravaganza that is landing in Bedford this Autumn.

People, come and make stuff with your own bare hands with things from round your way and fueled with creative juices that are in your head.

They want knitters, sewers, makers, tinkerers, enthusiasts, hobbyists, people with skills, and people without (thank god).

They’ve even got a mobile kiosk that is going to sell the beautiful wonderful home-grown-hand-made-lovingly-crafted-by-you stuff!


Hurrah for Bedford Creative Arts. Hurrah for The Arts Council. Hurrah for Bedford!

I’m IN!

If, like me, you haven’t got round to making your appointment at the opticians and need that leaflet sent to you in BIG TYPE, don’t be shy, just email me at kayte@goodthingsltd.com and I’ll send it to you, some of the best people I know can’t see past their noses.