Forgive me dear reader, for I fear I may not be entirely coherent.

I have returned, somewhat altered, from The Do Lectures 2010.

4 days

26 speakers

80 delegates (all amazing)

1 tent

10 hours kip

8 bottles of wine

= the sensation that my brain has been taken out and spanked hard, and put back upside down.

The speakers ranged from paradigm shifting Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web (yes, you read that right) to humble young female world changers such as Maggie Doyne founder of the blinknow foundation (before you click on that link, get your credit card out, you’ll need it), to living legends such as Steve Edge  and Bill Drummond, to insane maverick perverse geniuses such as Alex Haw, Matt Webb and Craig Mod. The talks were mind-melting. But the life changing bits occurred over tea, food and wine. I don’t think I can even guess at how significant some of the conversations and connections will be.

The things I have processed so far:

don’t drink bottle water, drink tap water.

eat only line caught local fish

plant the seed grow the seed eat the seed (I think nigel from the young ones came to me in a dream)

everyone is an artist

everyone is a designer

everyone has the capacity to change the world

wild swimming is astounding

you can create a disco anywhere

you can be both incredibly stupid and incredibly smart

the things you buy and the things you eat matter

you are closer to powerful wonderful exceptional people than you realise

nature is smarter and cooler than us

if you get the chance to disco dance in a mobile library you must take it

loo blocks make great bars

sleep is not strictly necessary

hay bales are more comfy than chairs

big change starts small

you must do the thing you know you need to do

Perhaps one day I will make more sense of it for you. But for now, that is all.