I’m a bit of CV geek. Maybe it’s because Curriculum Vitae means ‘life story’ in Latin (or so I am told), or maybe it’s because I used to be a careers adviser. Since I have become self-employed I haven’t really needed one, but, being an obedient sort I have been keeping mine updated, to stop it rusting up completely.

I recently attempted to flirt with a company who were looking to employ a creative facilitator. Now, I am a creative facilitator. It is what I do. So, I thought, I’d slip them my digits, say hi, ask them to call me sometime, see if they’d like to hang out, nothing serious, just see how it goes. So I emailed the guy. Now, obviously I have my website, twitter account, linkedIn profile (yawn) and this little blog, but it seemed a tad arrogant to ask them to delve around for the info they wanted. So, I dusted off the old Curriculum Vitae and to my horror, I realised that it looked like a toaster manual. It was a list. A LIST. Lists might work kind-of-ok if you have had jobs (I’ve had a few) but not so well if you are a full blown multi-faceted individual, do all of your jobs concurrently, and you have your sticky fingers in loads of delicious steaming hot pies.

I think there is still a place in this digital world for a paper CV, a one-page-headline-grabbing-signpost-you-on-for-more-info summary of who you are. So I called my friends at Bonfire Creative Intelligence and asked if they could draw my CV for me. They did. I like it.