My son is 2. He likes art. I take him to art galleries and it makes him shout, and I mean really really shout. Sometimes he shouts GAL-REY IS QHY-EET, other times he just whoops with delight and runs around like a feral child. Remove him from the gallery and the volume comes down, and his legs stop pumping like little pistons. The curators are very kind and have never so much as raised an eyebrow, I just feel that we should be quiet. But why? Do you have to have hush to appreciate visual stimuli? It’s not the opera, or the library, or church. If art moves us, why shouldn’t we whoop a little?

If you’d like to have a look visit the Bedford Gallery and while you are there make sure you visit the Bedford Museum (Or Myseum, as my son calls it). It is home to a charming collection of stuffed animals, ancient pots, mummified cats, elephant skulls and the like. I love the place. They don’t mind whooping, either.