Well here we are. Who’d have thought it, me writing, you reading. I’m flattered.

I think it was only a matter of time before I started to blog. i think I may be a blogger. It’s just a hunch. I recently had to blog on behalf of a client, which turned out to be a liberating experience. Anonybloging is worth a go.

I’ve defended my cyberlife a few times recently. I’m a hardened facebooker and more recently a tweeter, and I have found myself having to make excuses for it, with those who don’t. But I’m coming to realize that my online interactions are fast becoming important to me. I think they’ve been important to me for a long while, I just hadn’t realized how much.

A younger me got a lot of sustenance from bouncing around town, going out, seeing stuff, bumping into people, staying for the weekend, talking rubbish, talking deeply. But as a mum, a mortgage owner, business owner, my life has changed. I don’t bump into people as often… which is a shame. But that is where facebook and twitter come in, they are the online equivalent of walking down the high street bumping into people, sharing snippets of nonsense, moments of human interaction, a little window on another persons day, a gauge on which you could decide whether someone needed more than a quick chat. Connection.

The trouble with twitter and facebook, and maybe blogs, – I guess I will find out- is that we can’t use our masks as effectively as we do in the flesh. They kind of hang there in cyberspace, frozen and available for comment, even though their moment has passed. It sometimes feels clunky, often conceited. And then there is that little moment of coyness when you meet someone, an acquaintance, a school friend from decades ago, and they have seen the inside of photo albums that should never have seen the light of day courtesy of the internet and yet there you are in the queue at waterstones still bounded by the weird rules of friendship that mean you don’t quite get past the conversational starting block. I quite like it. I wonder if we will ever give online expression the same weight as the real stuff?

So village life in cyberspace, here I come.